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(Not so)Mid-Night Confusions

"Oh my fucking God," I wish to scream. But I can’t. It’s in the middle of the night. I can’t sleep.
Its nearing four in the morning; I can hear the birds twittering outside my window. (I wish I could push them down from the damned tree they live in.) I’ll be up in three hours. I haven’t closed my eyes a minute past midnight. Well, I have closed my eyes, but I haven’t slept. I can’t sleep.
I’m not sure. Maybe it is the fact that I slept from morning till noon earlier today. Maybe thats why. Maybe it’s because I sat and read until two in the morning. Or maybe not. Maybe its just me. Just me. My brain and my thoughts. Maybe thats why. My thoughts and dreams are keeping me awake. Yes. That is why.

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Ok so I’m kinda lost in the woods

The others wanted to climb mountains but I didn’t feel like it so I kept walking lol and now I don’t know where they are and uh yeah I’m lost

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First Light [16:9] | by Tyler Forest-Hauser.
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Castle / Germany  by Uwe Müller
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Soir et un tournesol, Michiya Miyazaki
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