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Ok so I’m kinda lost in the woods

The others wanted to climb mountains but I didn’t feel like it so I kept walking lol and now I don’t know where they are and uh yeah I’m lost

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First Light [16:9] | by Tyler Forest-Hauser.
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Castle / Germany  by Uwe Müller
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Soir et un tournesol, Michiya Miyazaki
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Norwegian translation Tfios

okay so I don’t really like translations of books and whatever, especially not titles

but this is just so seriously dumb

The Fault In Our Stars Norwegian translation is “Faen ta skjebnen”.

'skjebnen' means 'fate.' Directly 'faen' translates to 'the devil' (satan, lucifer, etc) but are regularly used as someone would use 'fuck.'

'faen ta deg' - 'may the devil find/take you.' (kind of like cursing someone) (direct translation)

'faen ta deg' - 'fuck you' (general translation)

so the point (yes there is one) in this is that the Norwegian Tfios says “fuck fate/destiny” which is not only quite silly, but has nothing to do with “the fault in our stars” as for what I can see.

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